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VideosZ Review

Reviewed: 2012-12-11
Quick site rank and complete review of VideosZ | Categories: Pornstar, Video

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gold rank
Our Rating: 96/100

Quality of Content: 24/25

Purchase Value: 20/20

Leased/Own Content: 15/15

Update Frequency: 10/10

Content Variety: 10/10

Tour Promises/Reality: 5/5

Originality: 7/10

Navigation: 5/5

Images: yes

Live Shows / Chat: yes

Streaming Video: yes

Downloadable Video: yes

User Rating For VideosZ

User Rating: 69/100 - based on 1549 votes.

Price & Payment Options

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30 Days


Standard price: $29.95 (30 days, recurring at $29.95 / 30 days)

Our Price: $17.55 (30 days, recurring at $17.55 / 30 days)

Full Access + HD movies, Most Popular

300 Days


Standard price: $159.95 (300 days, recurring at $159.95 / 300 days)

Our Price: $99.55 (300 days, recurring at $99.55 / 300 days)

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Tour Promises promises the biggest porn collection, over 8600 porn stars, 12 000 full DVD's including 2400 HD videos plus more, daily updates, free access to the mobile version, top studios and stars.

My Opinion About VideosZ

I've always enjoyed a big DVD download site and Videos Z looks like it's going to suit me, and just about anyone else, just fine. The site boasts the biggest online collection and I can say that there is certainly an enormous number of scenes, but even better is the fact that well over a thousand of them are now offered in HD. This isn't the only benefit for movie junkies, though.

On the members' page there is a great big message making you feel welcome and VideosZ also has an easy to use walkthrough for first time users. I decided to check it out and was rather pleased. I knew this was a download site, but hadn't realized that I could make a playlist and even share it with other members or set an alarm to inform me of new movies. Other nifty things include a how-to on accessing the site from your mobile or tablet and another one regarding the search and filter tools. Searching the site is quite simple, overall.

Okay, so members get access to 12 000 DVDs from top studios, but this is hardly the end of the excitement. These days VideosZ offers free live cams and a network series of video scenes in eight additional niches. Considering the price of admission, I don't see how any porn collector could possibly go wrong with this membership. There are beautiful girls, pornstars, amateurs, MILFs and teens and there are a seemingly endless number of categories including blowjob, creampie, double anal, European, foot fetish, POV, shemale, pee and even softcore, story-based, gonzo and other hardcore categories. In all, the site boasts over 60,000 scenes and of these there are 2492 HD scenes. You could spend a lifetime downloading all the content and still not manage to do it since every day there are at least five new DVD titles added, which amounts to between 20 and 25 scenes.

Okay, so the amount is impressive, the navigation is easy, but what about the actual quality? Well, it's pretty awesome. There are scene descriptions and you can take a peek at the DVD box cover and there are three streaming modes and three download options for the HD films (only two of the three options for non-HD films). MP4 (2670kbps, 720x540) and AVI (1374kbps, 640x360) are the standard formats for the recent collection and MP4 is the HD (5500kbps, 1280x720) format, as well. I'd say that the films look and sound very good. I didn't feel the HD films were quite as sharp as I've seen, but they are clear and I certainly wouldn't rate the quality on the low end since they are worth downloading. The action, of course, is awesome even if not entirely exclusive.

The DVDs are provided by 164 different studios. Some of them, like Pink Visual and Elegant Angel also have their own network of sites. You'll have heard of a lot of these studios including CombatZone and WhiteGhetto. These are just a couple of studios that provide content for many different video download sites. Others may be less familiar to you, although I couldn't say which ones. I personally wasn't familiar with VideoArtHolland and Hundies. Many of them are top-notch studios and it's likely you'll find some of your favourite producers, as well. The models range in type, ethnicity, age and experience. There are movies with amateurs and movies with porn stars and some of the known girls include Bree Olsen, Alexis Texas, Tori Black, Eva Angelina and Sasha Grey.

Final Verdict

VideosZ is a porn collectors dream come true. There are literally thousands of HD scenes to download, there are hundreds of beautiful babes and with softcore, hardcore and fetish action to choose from it's like you're getting your own little piece of heaven every time you visit VideosZ. Considering that you will never be able to download as much content as the site delivers and keeps delivering daily, I'd say that the price of this membership is more than a bargain for porn lovers.

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VideosZ review scores on other review sites

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Date Site Name Rating
2012-07-26Sawa's reviews93
2012-05-30The Best Porn93
2012-05-18Adult Reviews95

Average score on other review sites : 89/100

User Comments

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2016 Mar 20, 04:59, sudan
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rajendera raj
2015 Nov 26, 12:24, tekkali
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yogen karki
2015 Nov 23, 18:53, 9824009484

2014 Nov 20, 07:57,
nice site.
then my login stopped working and
they never replied to my emails but
they keep charging me

2014 Jun 20, 12:05, Uhldingen Muehlhofen
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2014 Feb 15, 18:32, nigerian
Can I be a pornstar?? I wanna be a porn star!!

rush 2013
2013 Jul 07, 19:51,
Don't use this site they charge for other sites without tell you. its a total rip off

2012 Apr 27, 13:54, 007
veri good

2011 May 13, 07:34, nigeria
no but will like to know more

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2010 Feb 08, 17:17, dnvr
Now support tells me that they used to DRM all their videos, and none could be watched after the membership ended, so I'm lucky that I can watch anything without an active account. Of course, if the account was only good when active, I wouldn't have signed up. But I'm lucky to get 2/3 of what I paid for! The site says you can download all the videos, but I guess it doesn't say you'll be able to watch them. Touchee, VZ.

2010 Feb 08, 15:11, dnvr
Up until recently I would have given VideosZ a rave review. But a few weeks ago, the DRM license files from their collection stopped working. Those made up a good third of the files I downloaded there. Tech support now says those files will no longer work and are being recoded. So scores of files I downloaded there now do not work. The DVD-Rs to store those files are money wasted as well. And then there is the time. Replacing the files will mean another membership fee, more discs, and so much time. I think I'm going to throw up.

2010 Jan 28, 06:39, chicago

2010 Jan 21, 18:14, syria
its very hot and sexy

2008 Oct 04, 14:23, Norway
Full preview (of course not of all the content) before you join. First site I saw that did that. At the time of writing this, there are 60+ categories to narrow down your search, actresses listed alphabetically (and some actors too). You can view the scenes of the movies online, combine categories, search for titles, actors or keywords/tags. It also has (ATOW) 4010 full DVDs for download. You can add actors/actresses/scenes/DVDs to favorites and collection.
A few downpoints: Can't download whole DVD at once. Few pictures, and they're vidcaps. No download limit really, but to me it seems like you get a bandwidth, and all the files you download splits this. The scenes/files are a bit large.

Bottom line: The best site I have ever seen. Only real contender I can see is VideoBox, but even if it's really similar and cheaper, I still believe Videosz has a slender edge on it.

2008 Sep 29, 22:32, phillipines
yes, its very beautiful experience to be here.

2008 Aug 15, 07:10, india
so very hot and sexy

2008 Mar 29, 12:30, karachi
very ok

2007 Oct 06, 20:35, jaipur
i want see fucking video.

2007 Oct 06, 02:49, usa

2007 Sep 02, 22:40, khanna
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2007 Jun 03, 03:14, chennai
baby it very naughty

2007 May 30, 20:59, USA
i want to see virgin girl

khan from pakistan on 2005-04-04 10:45:30
2007 Apr 21, 08:43, khan from pakistan on 2005-04-04 10:45:30
Wow, you're right... this site is simply amazing. VideosZ is the best adult movie site i have ever seen

2007 Mar 28, 15:53, libya
very nice more exiting more succes

2007 Mar 22, 03:03, single
i miss this girls i hope i have sex with them

2007 Feb 02, 15:16, uk
I love wanking off to videos that i can download

2006 Aug 03, 13:46, someplace
I joined 3 days ago and still cannot log in! Emailed them 3 times! This sucks! I Was not aware of the DRM protection. It had been a while since I was a pevious member without any protection. I just would be happy jacking off to movies if I could just log in!!!!!

2006 Jul 31, 04:13, udaipur
Wow, you're right... this site is simply amazing. VideosZ is the best adult movie site i have ever seen

2006 Jul 28, 18:52, New York
I had to wait almost FOUR DAYS to finally be able to login!!! I'll say this the movies they have are so old you could easily buy them for the same price! AND by the way you CAN NOT download any movies and they claim you CAN!! There wording for the site features are VERY TRICKY!!

2006 Jul 06, 21:17, karachi
it is very good.i got some information but i want free sexy movies.

2006 Jul 03, 19:51, Canada
Emailed twice about DRM and if I would still be able to view the wmv files after the membership is canceled. They never responded back. Turns out that once the membership is canceled, I cannot view the wmv files. In anticipation of this, I downloaded only avi and mpg files. They need to re-word their site...there is no mention of DRM. I think I still got my money's worth though.

2006 Jun 07, 00:54, australia
the best

d jay
2006 May 03, 20:41, sdc
wow it bad azz

2006 Apr 30, 11:11, germ
amesing website

2006 Apr 16, 02:45, Paris
To avoid due to DRM! Movies downloaded on your computer can only be viewed if your membership is valid...

2006 Apr 13, 19:34, Washington, DC
Good website no expiration on movies

2006 Apr 12, 06:12, myanmar
the best

2006 Apr 06, 05:44, delhi
it is very interesting site.

2006 Apr 05, 20:49, manila
exciting web

2006 Mar 16, 06:18, indonesia
this a good videos

2006 Mar 15, 12:28, mokmok
i am very very happy

2006 Mar 07, 20:41, china
I love this site. The videos are in very high quality, download fast and new dvds are added faster than I can download them. A 100 for this site from me.

2006 Feb 25, 19:31, NE

2006 Feb 06, 17:20, 76549
its just to good for me

2006 Jan 22, 23:35, Admin
Reply to "DP" : ok man, first of all, the reviews are not bought, nor "official", they represent the opinion of a reviewer, in this case, mine. So stop acusing me of bullshit like this. Second : download speeds depend on many factors, and of course, in some cases they go up and down, which obviously happened to you. There might have been a problem on your side, or the videosz servers were slow for a while ... things like this happen. And lastly, I guess your membership expired in the meantime, so no wonder you cant login anymore.

2006 Jan 21, 14:13, Cuba
This website SUCKS!! STAY AWAY!! First of all, their servers are extremely SLOW; it took six hours for me to download a 160mb movie clip (and I have a broadband connection!!). Second, the stupid members login link doesn't work so I can't even access the site anymore. Don't listed to any of these paid "official" reviews. They don't know squat. Save your money and get a membership at empornium, puretna or fileporn for good quality FREE porn.

2006 Jan 09, 13:48, WA
Just reading these reviews makes my tiny, prepubertal penis hard

the dude
2006 Jan 03, 19:34, DOwn Under
This site was excellent until the curse that is DRM was adopted by the site operators. A total waste of time now, now only being able to watch the movies if you are still a member and on line. Why bother?

2005 Dec 29, 06:47, cairo
this site is v v butifull for the anyone who are without partener on his warm bed and he had a hard coch and soft balls for the fuck and the suck all kind for it

2005 Dec 04, 00:09, Mauritius
This is a must for all porno addits. Daily update and fast video streaming.

2005 Nov 26, 01:58, yes
Posted by Dave from Intraweb on 2004-04-08 14:54:49
--- Wow, you're right... this site is simply amazing. VideosZ is the best adult movie site i have ever seen

2005 Sep 12, 02:27, karachi
i love this pussy..i love pussy

2005 Sep 06, 18:08, Minnesota
Lots of choices, but all new movies are encoded so they require a key from the website that verifies you are a member. This means the files are no good when you cancel

2005 Aug 19, 16:14, Egypt
it's very hot sit

2005 Aug 03, 11:43, phillippines
myps5 phillippines 2005-08-03-14;07 i love this site.the diveos are in very quality,play the best.

2005 Jul 29, 06:00, USA
DRM on all new movies! No option for mpeg formats as their site states.

2005 Jul 29, 05:57, USA

Their site states:
All our DVD movies are available in 3 different formats :

XviD : Preferred format for Broadband users (dsl/cable/T1 and above) with Windows OS - No Streaming format (you have to download the movie before watching it) - XviD Free Codec needed, click HERE to download it.

Mpeg : Preferred format for Broadband users (dsl/cable/T1 and above) with Mac/Linux OS - Streaming Format - No Codec Needed.

WMV : Preferred format for Modem/Users (56k and above) with Windows OS - Streaming Format - No Codec Needed

This is WRONG, most of the new movies are DRM and only in wmv.

2005 Jul 11, 23:33, wells nevada

2005 Jul 02, 16:31, NJ
windows DRM is the Devil.
I cancelled right after they switched.
2005 Jun 28, 10:00, usa
i like it

2005 Jun 24, 06:46, Admin
Reply to Jasta: They strarted to use the DRM protection in March I think, so all the DVDs posted prior to that month should be DRM free.

2005 Jun 23, 15:02, US
How can you tell which of the DVD's are not DRM protected? Can you tell, before you join the site?

2005 Jun 04, 04:47, Germany
Now DRM! I cancel my membership and I never use this site anymore

2005 May 29, 12:32, East Coast
Site gets very slow at times. Also, all new content is Windows Media only which means an annoying WMV license aquistion every time you view a file. Additionally, if you ever quit the site, you can never view the videos again.

2005 May 28, 16:28, urmom
yes i do and i enjoy it very well

2005 May 08, 05:46, prishtina
I love this site...Iwant too si more

2005 Apr 26, 08:59, Admin
Reply to Anon : Well, you are right, the DRM use is something many surfers will not like. So I already posted an update about it and lowered it's score by 2 points. Videosz still remains an excellent site though, but for those who want to archive movies, Deluxe Pass is now a better option.

2005 Apr 24, 13:10, Alameda, CA
Have used Videosz a number of times, Macs worked fine with their films and they had a nice selection. However their switch to DRM, the fact that they hardly ever answer emails anymore, and the mixed answers I have gotten as to why they switched to DRM has dropped my opinion of them greatly. They are no longer worthy of a perfect rating.

2005 Apr 19, 12:28, ALABAMA

2005 Apr 09, 12:44, Admin
Reply to "A Green" : I also noticed they started to use DRM to protect their movies. The bad part is that you have to be online when watching the video, the good part is that the license doesnt expire. So you don't have to stay member of the site in order to watch the videos. To me this is not a problem at all cause I connect to the Net automatically right after I switch on my computer :-)

2005 Apr 09, 12:41, Admin
Reply to Jose Marcado : not true, they update every day, or close to that. Anytime I check, there are new videos online. Check out the tour, there is the number of DVDs they have, posted on the left side of the site. Today it's 693.

Jose Mercado
2005 Apr 08, 23:34, Puerto Rico
The site has not been updated sience feb 22

A Green
2005 Apr 08, 07:08, UK
I joined VideosZ recently and have found that all the latest videos require a license. This means every streaming video and downloaded video needs my username and password to work. This is fine for streaming, but when I downloaded videos onto my hard drive, I found that I had to be online to run the license everytime I wanted to view the video. For this reason I complained, but had no responce from VideosZ so will stop my subscription. I guess they done this so that one has to stay a member to view any downloaded videos. I would not give 100/100 and will think about rejoining Deluxe Pass.

2005 Mar 29, 13:49, Admin
I'm sorry to hear that. You know it's always hard to tell whether a site wirks with macs or not. As far as the customers support goes, many have reported great experience with the support from videosz. I have also good experience with them. So I guess, joining the site when you got a Mac and not a standard PC is not the best idea :-)

2005 Mar 28, 07:06, aol
I disagree with your website on its rating of VideosZ. Although it offered a large number of potentially hot videos to view and download, the only way I was able to view them was in short streaming clips. I was unable as a mac user to download any of them to my harddrive despite their claims. They also refused to respond to my requests for any technical support to attempt to sove my problem. Hence I was very disapointed with the site. Also I think the site could be improved by including in the subscription, images and links to other sites in addition to videos! Good potential but doesnt deserve a 100 rating in my book until it improves its customer service!

2005 Mar 24, 07:45, india
very nice site pls make it free 4 all

2005 Mar 22, 01:05, Admin
Reply to Yup Yup : Sure there are interracial movies available over at but it's absolutely not the only genre they have. Try to check out the "genres" menu on the left on the videosz homepage, there you can see all the categories of movies they have.

yup yup
2005 Mar 20, 15:11, usa
there is nothing but interacial movies in here and most the people are black, not that I have a problem with race, but just stating.

2005 Mar 17, 12:08, kuwait
show me all videosz

2005 Mar 08, 08:08,
i like it

2005 Mar 03, 00:04, usa
wish i had som 1 to show just how i feel great sample keeping them cuming

2005 Mar 02, 03:59, EU
This is a no brainer. $29.95 for almost 700 full DVD movies, sounds almost to good to be true. A new movie daily, nice organized, easy to find what you want, fast downloads, multiple bandwidth formats - what more could I ask for. Superb site.

2005 Feb 26, 17:53, at home
i like to see lesbians

2005 Jan 22, 06:35, U.K
Site is ok, but has alot of Jill Kelly back catalogue filling its pages. Video content is above average, but avoid if you want to download the latest vids. Has some Red District titles which are not on the Deluxepass site. Alot more straightforward than Deluxepass as you can tell which scenes come from which title. Saves doubling up when downloading

2005 Jan 01, 09:29, Admin
Well Krix, sure there are sites with better encoded movies, BUT those sites don't have so much movies inside AND I don't find the picture quality at videosz amateur at all.

2004 Dec 30, 14:52, munich
the coding of the vids is "amateur" poor - the Movies are ok - only WMV 8 -
Avi :-$..................... -

2004 Dec 20, 16:40, macon GA
dick sucking &pussey licking &fucking

2004 Nov 14, 12:16, Admin
Reply to JayDee : don't worry, as far as I know they have about 1000 more DVD's licensed for the site and they are in talks with more studios to add more to the line. So I just guess they are slowing down a bit after the initial hype :-)

2004 Nov 12, 23:36, UK
After a great start the site updates seem to be drying up now. Shame really, it was great for a while. 11/13/04

2004 Nov 10, 23:18, india
it is very sexy

2004 Nov 07, 22:20, 1

2004 Oct 26, 09:16, pakistan
i think it is a good site for me

2004 Oct 10, 12:03, Admin
Reply to JJ and Andy Panty : I don't understand why anyone would do what you did. First you come here, post 2 posts using different nicks - having problems with multiple personalities? Then you bash a site that is the best possible deal available on the net today. I am sorry, but anyone who says a site offering over 500 full DVD movies isn't worth $30 or that such a site sucks, is simply stupid or an idiot.

andy panty
2004 Oct 09, 04:28, san fransisco
this is the worst site i hav ever been to !

2004 Oct 09, 04:27, NEW MEXICO

2004 Sep 27, 09:33, Birmingham, AL 35204
lots of detail and i just enjoyed the content

2004 Aug 30, 16:01, A-town
needs some black bitches

2004 Aug 17, 01:49, hell
This sux... this is like shit

2004 Aug 15, 05:41, 298751383
thank you

2004 Aug 09, 15:19, Admin
Jack, I don't think the movies at Videosz are that old, sure there are some older ones, but many new ones have been published just recently. Moreover, I don't think a porn movie gets old that fast :-)

Yes, I agree that many of these movies are also in the deluxepass network, but I reviewed this one as a standalone site. But I agree you are right, I could have posted this in the review. So at least we got it here now in the comments.

2004 Aug 07, 06:34, NY
Don't join! All the movies are old as hell! Instead join their first programm deluxepass. This site was really waste of my money since they duplicated the movies what are already for months if not years within deluxepass sites! So once again, don't join them unless you like to waste your money and loves old movies!

2004 Jul 24, 18:44, San Francisco
The quality of movies was good, but they were mostly Jill Kelly Movies, they got kind of played out. All were the same. No versatility in pornstars.

2004 Jul 17, 17:14, florida
i've just recently joined and have already downloaded 10 videos. Not only are these videos high quality, they're also videos you can find at an adult bookstore. So you're getting high quality videos for like 1/100 of the cost it would cost at a bookstore. Sounds like a bargain to me.
2004 Jul 14, 13:53, Buffalo, N.Y.14201
"I hope to learn how to 'become a member..! I discovered this website quite by accident..,but that DOESN'T mean that I'm not interested in it ...!"

2004 Jun 27, 00:55, SC
This is the best. Kinda slow capped at about 200KB/s total so if your downloading 4 parts of a video its only 50-60Kb/s greatest site ever

2004 Jun 23, 00:47, nta
play the best

2004 Jun 06, 03:52, usa
easy download, small wmv files

2004 May 12, 18:25, www
I love this site. The videos are in very high quality, download fast and new dvds are added faster than I can download them. A 100 for this site from me.

2004 Apr 22, 18:14, mtl
you dont have tranny movies

2004 Apr 08, 14:54, Intraweb
Wow, you're right... this site is simply amazing. VideosZ is the best adult movie site i have ever seen

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